Day 14 | 21 Days THRIVOR Challenge

Welcome to Day 14 of your THRIVOR challenge! 🌞🌞🌞

We are two thirds of the way into the Thrivor Challenge and we appreciate all of who you are, for showing up and participating as best as you can. Shooting for the stars is a bold aim and working on your self is a courageous task.

Often as we take these deeper looks, and assess and tweak our self care and development, we really could do with softening the edges, with a healthy sprinkling of caring appreciation of self too.

As we consider the centering thought “Today I appreciate all of who I am”, consider even the things you are tweaking to greater states of wellness – how they’ve served you till now. Consider the parts of you you’re not always kind about, (the parts you judge even) – and transform the language and actions – starting from today.

How does it feel to receive your own acknowledgement and appreciation? Try it. Look in the mirror even and say it to yourself “I appreciate you, I see you… “ (and add your own kind too).