Your Questions


Who created Thrivors?

Ryan Christian, Nicola Jackman and Torsten Kremser – Through an inspired moment of fate, they chose to merge their worlds of education and entertainment with their shared great love for other humans and this planet. “We united our dreams to co-create a world full of hope and joy and with that union – came the conception and co-creation of Thrivors & the Story of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Circus.

How did you go about selecting the Thrivors?
There was a nomination process across multiple platforms on social media. Peter was the only one who was not nominated, he was pre-selected by producers as a representation of a THRIVOR from the area we were recording in.
How were the Venturers selected?

The Venturers were selected through a process that involved local municipalities, youth centers, peace movements and upliftment programs. 



How do I become a Venturer?
You can email [email protected] and we will send you an app form.
When will the show go live?
We are looking at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021
Where will the show be screened?
More shall be revealed. We are looking into local and global options. Either way we are certain – that the show will be broadcast on local South African TV . We are currently in discussions with various local networks and sponsors at the moment, and our streaming choice is Netflix.
Where will the Next Soul Circus be?
The destination of Season 2 is top secret, all we can divulge is that it is in South Africa!
How do I become a Thrivor?
Once the date is confirmed for next season, nominations will go live on social media, where you can even nominate yourself.
How do I apply to be a featured Good-Doer?
It all depends on when we come to your town. We would however like to invite all Good Doers to email as at and let us know what you do in your community to make it a better place and how long you’ve been doing it for.
How do I become a sponsor?
Please email [email protected]
When will the next Soul Circus be happening?
2021, dependent on Covid-19 regulations and protocols
How many Soul Circus’s will there be?
There will be at least 2 further seasons In South Africa, after that we will venture through Africa – the exact route will be revealed.
How old do I have to be to become a Venturer?

You need to be over 18. We will have options for public (all ages) to join us for events during Season 2.

Do I have to pay to be part of Soul Circus?
If you’re not selected as a Venturer there is a platform where you can pay for your 21-day experience or alternatively you can find a sponsor.
Why were there only 21 days to complete the tasks?
We went with 21 days because of the philosophy that it takes 21- days reprogram the brain.
How did you select Swellendam?
Swellendam selected us- we knew that we wanted to be close to Cape Town, and we had a few options. We happened to stop in Swellendam for a coffee and as with all things the story unfolded from there and everything else fell into place. The community is so active and caring – they were the perfect match.
Do you have to stay in tents for the full 21 days?
In order to immerse yourself in the full experience we all live together in tented community
Why did you stay in tents?
It was the most practical solution to house 50 people and easiest way to create an instant community, within another community. For instance we lived on the sportfield in Railton, Swellendam during our first 21 days – Season 1 of Thrivors.
Do you have to follow a plant-based diet?
Yes, you do.
How did the Symbol of Hope benefit the community?
It’s a symbol is left behind that the community sees every day and serves as a beacon of hope, inspiration and encouragement
Who are the Good-Doers?
The Good Doers are active citizens that are doing amazing work to support others or the land. The ones we selected in Swellendam were introduced to us by numerous leaders as they were so caring, kind and actively making a difference, they were individuals we chose to bring to the Thrivors to bring a little helping hand. There are Good Doers in all of South Africa, doing incredible work and we can’t wait to meet them. If you are a Good Doer, please log onto www.thrivors.tv and let us know what you do and where you are.
How can I offer further assistance to the Good Doers?
Once the episodes air, the Good Doers information will be available as well as their “back-a-buddy” campaigns, dreams and wish lists – so members of the public will be able to contribute.
Where can I find more information about the Good Doers?
Once the show goes live, there will be an online page about the Good Doers and how to get in touch with them.
Were you able to complete all the tasks in the 21-days?
You will have to wait to find out…
How many episodes are there?
We plan on having 9 episodes