About Us

I am Ryan Christian and I’m Nicola Jackman (Nikki) and I am Torsten Kremser (Toto). Through an inspired moment of fate, we chose to merge our worlds of education and entertainment with our shared great love for other humans and this planet. We united our dreams for a world full of hope and joy and with that came the conception and co-creation of Thrivors & the Story of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Circus.

The unstoppable trio behind Thrivors & SOUL Circus

Combined we have over 30 years of community engagement, care and upliftment as well as production, logistics and event experience.

Ryan Christian
Executive Producer & Director  – The CEO of COZA Productions, he has a strong history in events, festivals and media – with a host of SA and UK brands, amongst his many happy clients. He’s also the co-founder of the #HitpovertyForASix initiative – supporting dozens of sports charities with much needed funding.

Nikki (Nicola) Jackman
Chief Empathy Officer & Co-host – She’s a Southern African actress and joy catalyst – acclaimed for her role in Isidingo 1998-2001 and the NPO – The UPliftment Programme founded in 2003, which brings emotional wellness to children and youth in previously disadvantaged communities.

Toto (Torsten) Kremser
Creative Captain & Co-host – A German born Global Citizen and digital nomad with an African heartbeat, having started the NPO – A Better World starts with a Better Me – an edu-care foundation supporting over 400 children and their families in Kenya. He’s also a transformational coach and the creator of Nomad Convoy, an innovative adventure travel company hosting digital nomads in Africa.


Ryan Christian