Our Thrivors are using different tools to work through their differences, heal relationships, let go of things that don’t serve them anymore and consciously co-create their future. 

Here are the tools from Episode 1.

Episode 01

How to create a Future Memory

A future memory is a moment in time – somewhere in the future – that I allow myself to dream up. I focus on the WHAT and let the HOW take care of itself. I imagine it’s best possible outcome – for myself, others and the world – remembering it fully with all my senses, as if it happened already. I make it my daily practice for at least 14 days, to visualize and immerse myself in this future moment in time.

You can download the graphic on the right and use it to keep yourself on track.

Episode 01

Self-assessment with the Wellness Wheel

Time to take a good look at my current wellness. There’s no wrong, it’s just an honest look, to see what needs to be enhanced. Use the questions (in each bubble) to give you an average (Rate yourself between 1-10 for each area -1 = lowest wellness, 10 = THE BEST). Then, place a point in the bubble – for where you are at today – and connect the dots. At the end, it should look like a spiderweb.