8 Thrivors 


Early 2021 in SOUTH AFRICA

The 8 Thrivors are the perfect mix of local and global leaders that form an integral part of our SOUL Circus – Festival of Inspiring Action – experience. These remarkable hand-picked humans are nominated and chosen for their diverse and unique mastery – across a broad spectrum, including innovation, arts, business, science and technology. These outstanding individuals boldly step up to be the stars of a season of our TV show, as they lead the Soul Circus and help make a million dreams for the Win Win Wins – come true!

Nominations are currently closed.

Introducing THRIVORS


Imagine a Circus guided by bold leaders and visionaries, making a million dreams come true – supporting all to thrive!

Thrivors is a thrilling, uplifting docu-drama, following a ‘Soul Circus’ of awe-inspiring people as we travel through the heart of Africa, visiting local communities to make #aMillionDreams come true.

We aim to edutain and inspire hope en-masse through creating engaging, entertaining and emotionally uplifting content.

The world is facing many Global Grand Challenges (GGCs) in areas such as the environment, oceans, clean water, hunger, health, energy, education, immigration and countless more. Historically great challenge created inspired space for transformation. The speed, we as a species are evolving, is ever increasing. So are the problems we are facing. We believe we’ve reached the point where our obsessive focus on survival is no longer necessary.

Given the choice between surviving and thriving, one realizes there’s no choice.

Nature shows us, competition in harmony with collaboration.

When we work together in co-operation, we can create ways where everyone and everything has a winning experience.
What future can we co-create together?
How about one where ALL thrives!

What is in for me?

Outside of the amazing opportunity to up-skill yourself, as you work together with other amazing leaders and the showcasing of your incredible talents and skills – to the world! You will also have your travel expenses covered and receive a fee for your time on camera.

How do I officially get selected?

You have to accept your nomination by entering your details into the form above. You will then receive an email with your nomination form. After submission it is reviewed in due time. We will then invite short-listed nominees to submit a short video. Finally, chosen nominees will be invited for a video call.

What happens when I'm selected?

If you are selected we will only require you to be with us for a single season experience (21days of your life  (5-6 hours a day), in the Cape of South Africa – from 8-28th October 2019 (add travel days on either side if needed).

What will I be doing?

All 8 Thrivors will be with us at our nomadic home base  – Soul Circus – (in a yet to be revealed location in the Cape of South Africa). We will share 3 delicious plant based meals daily. You’ll be working alongside your hosts, 42 Venturers (volunteers) and together we would be making dreams come true for local good-doers in a small community.

What is this all about?

Soul Circus, our nomadic festival of inspiring action, will be the stage of Thrivors, our new Real TV show. As we travel up Africa – we will be showcasing inspiring people (like you), giving you the spaces to share your message with the world and work with other powerful leaders in making some of #aMillionDreams come true.

How did you find me?

Someone nominated you, they think you’re a perfect match for our first Soul Circus/ Thrivors season, scheduled for October 2019. You clearly have a remarkable certain something/s which contributes to our world… It’s movers and shakers like yourself – who may just be selected to be part of our ground-breaking, first season of our brand new Real TV show…