Day 2 | 21 Days THRIVOR Challenge

Welcome to Day 2 of your THRIVOR challenge! 🌞🌞🌞
One could say that you are in a 21 day accelerator program and today we are going to shift gears, and share with you a few new tools and tips for your daily practice.

How to use today’s Thrive-Tools

Wellness Wheel: We invite you to take a piece of paper, draw a big circle and cross lines through it to get 8 “pizza slices.” Then zoom into this graphic to read the questions and and assess yourself on a scale of 1-10 for each area. Then, use the numbers you gave yourself to mark a point on each line and finally connect all points. The result is a visual (like a spiderweb) that lets you see easily see your strong and weaker areas.

LLC Transform: With compassion – we can take a deeper look at where we may feel stuck – or not so thriving – we offer you “LLC” (see the thrive tool) LOOK, LET-GO of these limiting somethings and CHOOSE an inspired new manner of being… 

BRAGG: If it feels overwhelming – “BRAGG” it (other thrive-tool)… as we Breathe, Relax, Appreciate, Ground and focus on the Give – things shift back into flow – and we find the space to LOVE EVERY DETAIL!!