Day 21 | 21 Days THRIVOR Challenge

It’s Day 21!!! 🌞🌞🌞

This is it beYOUtiful THRIVOR – the completion. Another distinct moment in time, a finish line. However you played, wether it was all out immersive, or a stretch of time you allowed yourself here and there. 

Wether the inspired future memories seem only one step closer, or wether they’re already near or in full fruition. 

We did it!!!

Fully feel that… taking on a marathon, and walking, sprinting or crawling across the finish line, is still crossing the same finish line!

Feel it – the humungous CONGRATULATIONS we are sending you, for the sMILEstone of completing your 21 day THRIVOR Challenge.

The journey of creating the future, begins with imagining it and then consistently taking inspired actions. Today we are taking time for imagining all our moments in time, like a golden cord holding little knots, each one an honouring of sMILEstone along our life story,’s all these inspired outstanding moments – that brought us to this, the very inspired completion moment of 21 days. 

Yes like appreciation, celebration is an inspired state of being – and taking the time to feel this way, inspires more of the same to show up again and again! 

WE CONSIDER YOU NOW – OFFICIALLY A THRIVOR – embodying living in a Win Win Wins way!!

As we live feeling like we are winning, while others win and our world wins together, we witness through each chosen step, each action and manner of being – that when we live in a Win Win Wins way – all truly THRIVES!