Day 5 | 21 Days THRIVOR Challenge

Welcome to Day 5 of your THRIVOR challenge! 🌞🌞🌞

In today’s video we will be sharing how to create a future memory with complete clarity… and what this really does for you.

How to use the Future Memory Tool

Consider one of your dreams (you can do many of these – for now just consider one of them)… Using the “Future Memory” info-graphic look at that dream – as if it’s already done. Create it fully as a moment in time, the same way past memories are full of all the senses… imagine up that moment in time – and create a future memory as vividly as possible.

It’s this amazing “future memory” that you can hold and dive into in your morning visualisation and take the inspired actions to create what you imagine.

ENJOY creating what you imagine… and stay focused on the WHAT, while the HOW will reveal itself.

Smile :o)