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In each Season we collaborate with brands who deeply align with our #WinWinWins methodology, assuring that every product shown on Thrivors (and seen by millions of people) is a not only a Win for the brand, but also customers Win and the world Wins too.

Join as a Thrivor

For each season we hand-pick 8 remarkable Thrivors who are masters of skills and you could be one of them. The process is simple. Once nominations for Season 2 are open, be sure to have people nominate you. Once nominated, your application process starts.

Join as a Venturer

We call the extraordinary humans, who are supporting our 8 Thrivors on their 21 day mission to do all the good they can, “Venturers”, and you could be one of them! Be sure to start the application process as early as possible. Head over to Soul Circus to learn more.




With our world in a complete transformation, the time to let go of our old survival story, and to consider and co-create a new thriving story, is now.

8 Thrivors

Handpicked leaders. Their individual challenges, and their inner and outer limitations, become an exciting edutaining experience. 

21 Days

Staying in tents and living on a plant-based diet, our 8 Thrivors compete against limited time and their own egos.


We get to witness and learn powerful tools from our Thrivors on how to deal with our own limitations and what it takes to live happier and more fulfilling lives – with a deep joyous sense of purpose.


Showcasing our 8 inspiring Thrivors and the active citizens supporting them during these 21 days, takes our audience on an emotional rollercoaster, as we reveal how they use their short time together to positively effect the small town community, while dealing with their own fears and emotions.

Join us on this deeply emotional human experiment, a cinematic experience set to build hope locally and inspire a #thrivors movement globally.