Day 20 | 21 Days THRIVOR Challenge

Welcome to Day 20 of your THRIVOR challenge! 🌞🌞🌞

 Today I reflect and remember and prepare myself for completion (and for some continuation too – feel free to continue the journey and sign up for the second 21 day challenge and make yours a full throttle 42 Day THRIVORS Unleashed experience).

In coming close to completing, this is a fantastic time to reflect on how far you’ve come and remember who you were before you started the 21 Days Thrivor Challenge.

Reflect on the new muscles, body, heart, mind and soul you are developing. Consider the swift manner you’re able to interrupt your non-sense, consider the strength of will you now have, the clarity of your dreams and the ever growing presence – truly sensing into this moment right now.

Keep taking steps to ensure you give it your all, the sense of fulfilment that you played your best, right to the completion of the 21 days.

Thank you for playing – we’ve got this – completion is upon us!