Day 22 | 42 Days THRIVORS Unleashed

Day 22! Welcome to the second phase… and or the deep dive… 🌞🌞🌞

It’s a new phase, and we feel like this 21 days experience – is set to Unleash ourselves. This is an inspired chance for enhancing our thrive-abilities, allowing us the space to play our biggest life games ever.

THINK OLYMPIAN ATHLETE… We’re going to push play and accelerate our growth, taking the appropriate time to pause to integrate and rest the muscles – all of them – body, mind, heart and spirit. To truly live our winning lives, we need to get strong.

Unlike the first 21 day cycle, we are not challenging you – this is yours – you get to practice all the tools and trust your own heart, your deepening intuition and all the tools you have at your disposal. Expect to be unleashed, expect to face your limitations anythings and cry, laugh and play – as much as you can – every step of the way.

Let’s begin with creating our ultimate Win Win Wins dreams / our future memories and ultimate intentions.
Take the seed packet of “someDay, one day, maybes” off the shelf – and prepare yourself for planting.

Today we’re going to plant our thriving seeds, as we write down the Win Win Wins intentions.
The dreams for self, serving others and our thriving world – what are they?
This is a good time to create another Wellness wheel and assess which parts of you need a little focus – (see infographic with wellness wheel)

As we think of our ideal selves – what do we look like when we are fully present as a winning version of ourselves?
And others?
How do we best serve others?
(Are we creating books, courses, unleashing our authentic voices and sharing inspirational content? )
And our world?
Consider how our Earth is in all details as thriving is our world’s experience too, think of the trees, the lands, the oceans, humankind – what does the dream Earthly Wins look, sound, taste, smell and feel like?

Now take those dreams and turn them into inspired future memories – ideal is create a moment in future time – where all of them are fulfilled.
(see infographic on future memories)…

We are going to take consistent actions every day to nurture these dreams and intentions into our reality. Nurturing them with our visualising of fruition everyday, and creating space for deep listening – to keep flowing. We’ve got this THRIVORS! Let’s PLAY!!

With so much respect and loVe to you…

Nikki & Toto